Imagine a different reality...

...Imagine a reality where black boys are seen as divine seeds, and their potential and ability to grow are never limited or underestimated. Rising Oak Foundation is committed to bringing about that reality.

Our vision at the Rising Oak Foundation is all about love. We see ourselves as gardeners; sowing and nurturing the hearts, minds and souls of the husbands, fathers and sons of our cultural tomorrow.

We don't believe that our boys have to be labeled "at risk" in order to be acknowledged and have their developing promise encouraged. By fostering strength, security and pride we will guide their growth without changing the essence of who they are.

The mission of the Rising Oak Foundation is to commit its resources to directly affect the intellectual, psychological and spiritual development of black boys of African descent, transforming them into men. By embodying the values of knowledge, wisdom and faith we will help alleviate the cultural gap that currently exists, creating progressive men whose only yardstick is their own ability.

It is our belief that to set in motion this ambitious paradigm shift, we must construct a vehicle that will reap benefits into the future.

Therefore, our goals are:

  • To be the major philanthropic organization investing exclusively in black boys of African descent.
  • To be the center for information and research documenting the condition of black boys nationally and internationally.
  • To strengthen organizations serving this focus group by providing them with funding and exposure.
  • To educate and inform our membership about community issues and opportunities in our focus area, as well as the power of combined giving.
  • To be an integral part of communities worldwide.