Our vision at the Rising Oak Foundation (ROF) is all about love-a world where black boys are seen as divine seeds, and their potential and ability to grow are never limited or underestimated. The Rising Oak Foundation is committed to bringing about that reality.


The mission of the Rising Oak Foundation is to directly affect the intellectual, psychological and spiritual development of black boys of African descent, by providing developmental, economic and educational support.


ROF is a national foundation supporting the holistic development of black boys, transforming them into men.

By embodying the values of...

  • Boldness - We solely and unapologetically support black boys.
  • Faith - We confidently believe in our boys.
  • Fortitude - We courageously stand in the gap for black boys.
  • Integrity - We model for our boys the conduct we want to see.
  • Knowledge - We acknowledge and encourage the developing promise of every boy.
  • Pride - We joyfully express our pleasure in the unique gifts each boy has to offer.
  • Wisdom - We thoughtfully foster the intellectual, psychological and spiritual growth of our boys.

...we will guide their growth without changing the essence of who they are.